Bookboon mentioned in Handelsblatt: How we are changing the publishing industry.

Bookboon was recently mentioned in an article in German Handelsblatt. Read the article below and learn a little bit about how Bookboon is changing the academic publishing industry.


The attack of the book revolutionist

The E-book publisher mixes up the industry – by giving titles away for free

Thomas Buus Madsen is not handing out pamphlets. Nevertheless, the 36-year-old Dane, who has his office in London’s financial district Canary Wharf, would like to start a revolution. The revolution the Dane is planning has nothing to do with politics, but another centuries-old institution: the book trade.

The co-founder and COO of the E-book publishing house Bookboon, that Madsen built up together with his brother Kristian from their parents publishing house, publishes thousands of books a year, but the crucial detail is missing on all of its publications: the price tag.

Everything is for free. The publishing house from Denmark has specialised in free text and business books in PDF format. The free offer is financed through advertisements on every fourth page in the books. Readers don’t pay anything but have to live with advertising matched to the content. Bookboon’s books are targeted to IT, economics or engineering students. „We expect 50 mio downloads worldwide for this year“, Madsen tells Handelsblatt in London.

Over 1400 texts for business people and students are currently offered by book-revolutionist Bookboon. Besides textbooks for students, the publisher also has books on business topics such as language, marketing and management in its portfolio. “Their future employers are paying for the student’s textbooks,“ explains Madsen. Eon, RWE and PCW are advertising in Bookboon’s German textbooks.

This concept is met with goodwill by the German association for publishers. “Giving away E-Books for free is a totally legitimate model which we don’t have a problem with“, says Christian Sprang, legal adviser at the  German association for publishers. “We support the introduction of new opportunities in the industry.“ However, Madsen thinks he is more than just exotic. “Our goal is to become the market leader in the academic textbooks industry.“

They have fronted an attack on established competition, where the university library in Copenhagen is partly to blame. Maybe everything would have turned out differently if Madsen didn’t already find it tricky to get hold of textbooks back when he was a student – the important books were never available. Fellow university mates of the two brothers started photocopying from important primary literature books and selling these pages in front of the classroom.
This is how the idea for Bookboon came about: students were supposed to have free access to books, not pay for them! This concept has been working for years, as the download numbers have proven.



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Bookboon is officially supplying SAP Learning Hub

Bookboon’s eBooks have been integrated into SAP Learning Hub

Bookboon’s eLibrary solution has been officially and cover6 resized
successfully integrated into SAP Learning Hub.
With this step, SAP Learning Hub users now have
seamless access to over 500 eBooks from directly
within the SAP Learning Hub space.


Quote from SAP about the integration of Bookboon:

“ pilot proving successful”

“The one-year pilot with, the world’s largest publisher of e-books, has been in place for two months now and the uptake has been very encouraging. Over 1,700 books on personal development are being downloaded on a weekly basis with users downloading an average of 9 books. Covering areas such as accounting and finance, management, and marketing, these books are a great addition to SAP Learning Hub.”

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CSR Benefits of


At Bookboon we take CSR seriously. In fact, it is written into our business model. 


Supporting Free EducationGiving positive feedback

In 2014, Bookboon saved students more than 2 billion USD worldwide in book purchases.

With 900+ free student textbooks available for download on we are supporting free education for students across the globe including students in the world’s developing and third world countries.



Reducing Energy Consumption

E-books don’t pollute. No paper or printing machinery is required. No mass transportation or storage. Even if a reader chooses to print out an eBook, this only consumes 18% of the energy required to print and distribute a mass-produced paper book.

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How do I communicate CSR and green awareness in a trustworthy way?

Applicants and especially recent graduates are increasingly focused on the environmental impact companies have.

Many B2B companies have less known Employer Brand than companies offering B2C products, which presents a bigger challenge for B2B focused companies in the recruitment process. As you probably already know, if you’ve got a famous brand, your recruitment will be easier.

Many B2B companies have an untapped advantage in using CSR or “going green” messages, which can be a great communication point and an effective way to differentiate themselves through employer branding.

But how can you communicate CSR and green awareness in a trustworthy way which appeals to potential job applicants? How can your company’s CSR policies be used in your employer branding activities?

Have a look at the following 2 examples of campaigns that succeeded in expressing CSR and green awareness. They have been running in our free eBooks on The first one focuses on the urban environment and improving energy consumption, while the second one shows care for the planet and those who inhabit it.


ABB Germany – reducing energy consumption in the urban environment




Xylem Global: helping to create clean drinking water while improving the planet



6 responsibilities of the HR department

6 responsibilities of the HR department
6 responsibilities of the HR department

This article is based on the eBook “Human Resource Management” written by Manmohan Joshi.

HR management is concerned with the people who work for an organization, and with their activities and relationships within that organization.
Its primary function is two-fold:

• to bring together all the employees of an organization, without whose joint efforts the organization could not prosper;

• to develop and encourage their united interest in the success of the organization.

This is not an easy task. An organization has a number of individuals who have a wide variety of differing characters, attitudes, needs and opinions. The larger the organization, the greater is the task of developing unity and harmony. In order to achieve this aim, the HR department undertakes the following wide-ranging activities. Depending on the size of the organization, these activities may be handled by separate sections.

Employment section

This section is responsible for maintaining adequate supply of manpower. It keeps in contact with each employee during all the phases of their employment – recruitment, induction, training and development, transfers, promotions, retirement. It is also responsible for maintaining relevant records pertaining to all the employees.

Promotion section

This section is usually a part of the employment section, and is responsible for evaluating the suitability of employees for promotion. It makes recommendations for promotion, which are then forwarded to higher level for necessary action.

Training, education and development section

This section has the following responsibilities:

• It must arrange training of all newcomers within the organization in order to ensure that they perform their jobs effectively.

• It is responsible for ensuring that activities related to further training, education and development are continued on a regular basis. It must arrange internal workshops, external programmes, distance/online learning programmes, etc.

Medical section

This section is responsible for ensuring healthcare for employees. It may be done through in-house medical practitioner or external medical centres. However, basic first-aid services should be made available within the organization so that immediate treatment can be provided in case of minor injury or accident. Periodic general medical examination may also be organized. If an organization provides good healthcare facilities to its employees, it will be able to ensure that not many “man hours” are lost.

Staff welfare

This section is usually divided in two parts:

• Safety division: The aim of this division is to locate areas of danger, and to eliminate them by adopting efficient safety measures and practices. Large organizations usually employ safety officers to look after this function.

• Employee services division: This division is concerned with a wide range of activities such as cafeteria, recreational facilities, holiday programmes, legal facilities, etc. The scope of this function depends on the size and finances of an organization.

Industrial relations section

This section is concerned with setting up and maintaining procedures for joint consultation with employees, methods for settling grievances at the shop-floor, etc.
If you would like to learn more about the art of HR and how to recruit the right people for the job, feel free to contact us.

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