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4 Sources Of Low Cost Textbooks And Educational Resources

reading-childThis contributed post was written by a bookboon employee

4 Sources Of Low Cost Online Textbooks And Educational Resources

Online education and eTextbooks are becoming increasingly popular amongst students, teachers and professors all over the world. According to a 2012 survey conducted by The Digital Reader, 43.7% of US students are currently using digital textbooks.

The World Wide Web provides a more flexible approach to learning for both educators and students. Teachers and professors can create their own personalized material which fits their lectures and students have around-the-clock access to cheap if not free online textbooks.

A survey by the independent student organization Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups) found that open textbooks are offering savings of approximately 80% compared to traditional textbook options for students, schools and universities. The days of heavy, expensive and generalized textbooks could soon be over. This is why it is worth taking a look at what resources there are for educators and students when it comes to free online education.

1. is an independent eBook publisher headquartered in London, UK. Founded in 2005, they currently offer more than 600 university textbooks which can be downloaded for free without registration. The textbooks are written exclusively for by professors. Therefore all books are unique works designed for university programs.

The precondition for publishing a textbook with is that you hold a Ph.D and go through a peer review process. The authors are paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the employer branding ads which are placed in the books to ensure that these remain free for students. The amount of ads in the books is limited to 15% of the content. The campaigns are mostly placed by companies trying to recruit students.’s books are currently available in 7 languages and are divided up into 9 main categories. These include: economics & finance, engineering, IT & programming, statistics & mathematics, management and career advice. According to, a lot of the topics covered rest on suggestions by professors. Last year, users downloaded 42 million books from bookboon

The advantages of

  • Students, teachers and professors can download more than 600 textbooks for free
  • The publisher offers a wide selection of books in many different study fields and 7 languages
  • Educators can use the books as primary and secondary literature for their lectures
  • Professors can suggest topics for new textbooks and create their own text fitting the needs of their students
  • All books are peer reviewed and written by professors, a fact that indicates their high quality

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